Get Adorned


We understand that creating a space just for you, requires us to get to know you. We truly believe in taking time to learn all about YOU and your needs! Roshaunda intimately explores what makes you “YOU”, your preferences, likes, dislikes, lifestyle, and everything that makes you unique. The Adorn process consists of a series of 1-3 mini dates where we dig deep to uncover what you desire in your new space. The scope of your project will determine the number of mini dates required prior to commencement.

We know you’re wondering why a date? When we go on dates or categorize an encounter as a date, we subconsciously open our minds to share more openly allowing for a more natural energy exchange. It is a reciprocal encounter that allows both parties to share ideas and become acquainted at a level that goes deeper than the typical casual encounter. This also allows Ro to implement her intuitive and empathic skills more profoundly to help you convey what you want even when you don’t have the words or know very little about design. It may sound strange but trust us, it works! Our dates will be simple and practical (e.g. coffee, tea, idea shopping, breakfast or lunch).

You are the dreamer, and Ro is the artist who will bring your story to life. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started on the discovery of you!